If you are an affiliate marketer, you are probably well aware of the affiliate marketing icon on your website.

The affiliate icon is an icon that appears next to all your affiliate links from Google and other major search engines. The icon is often used to show to Google that you are doing something that’s helpful and will help them rank your page higher in their search results. For example, you might be a good blogger, but if you have affiliate links on your website, then Google will show the affiliate icon next to all the links.

So what is affiliate marketing? Well… it’s when you send traffic to someone else’s site who has a similar or related product/service. The affiliate program might be on your own site, or it might be a program that’s offered to you by a third party. The affiliate program might be a free program for newbies or the paid version for more experienced bloggers.

A good affiliate program might just be a good program. What I mean by this is that it might be just a good program. But if Google shows the affiliate link next to every link on your site, then they are saying that if you have affiliate links on your site then these affiliate links are likely to be associated with your own site, not with another site.


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