I’m often asked what my favorite animal is, and so I thought I would share my answer with you.

The answer is dogs. I own two, and they are my furry babies. One is a Great Dane, and they are awesome. The other is a Husky, and he’s adorable, but he is just too big to have a house.

For those of you who love animals but are not huge dogs, you may be surprised at how big a dog can be. It’s one of the reasons why they are such a staple in the modern world, and why they are so popular today. Dogs, especially those of us in the US, are so cheap that you can buy an average, healthy (but large) dog for as cheap as $5.

If you’re a big dog lover but are not a dog person, you might find my two fur babies quite annoying. But my two fur babies, like my dogs, are large, and I’m sure they can handle their size quite well. For those of you who are dog people, though, they make for quite a lovely addition to your home, and are definitely a must-have pet.

I’m a big animal person. It is so much fun to watch my dogs (especially my cocker spaniel) chase each other around a kitchen table, or run from a cat or dog that’s coming at them. And I have tried to convince my husband to get one. He’s still waiting for the right time, though. So far he’s been a bit hesitant, and it’s a bit too expensive. But I’d still rather have one than not have one.

I have a large collection of animal toys and accessories that I have come across in my travels, and while many of these are quite expensive, they are also quite collectable. I found this great animal-related product a few years ago that made me realize that animals are more than just pets to us humans! In fact, I would say they are our family.

Animal-related products and toys are very popular, and as a result, there are lots of designers out there that focus on this. Some of these products are just cute, but others are very expensive. I know that I have a lot of products in my collection that I would like to have, but I’m not quite ready to spend (or spend less) than what I already own.

While it may be easy to see how animals provide us with the best of both worlds, I think we could all do a lot better. I think it’s time to end all animal products, even if it means we have to give up our pets. In fact, if we can’t be the best, we should be the most humane.

I know that some people think that animals should only be taken from the wild, and I agree, but that is simply not the solution. There is a huge difference between protecting an animal’s life, and allowing it to be tortured, maimed, or killed. There’s also a huge difference between protecting an animal and hurting it. We should stop supporting products that are designed for the purpose of only harming animals.

The new dog pack is not just for dogs. There are also packs of wolves and cats (as well as wild monkeys) that are able to join in the hunt, and even other species of predators such as rats. So if you’re into hunting, you’ll want to get a pack that can join in on the kill-fest.


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