Huawei p50 pro and p50 pro pocket were launched last July 2021. They are the premium smartphones will thousands for features. Including a dual matrix camera design and a 6.6-inch true chroma display. All lots of other specifications.

Huawei’s p50 pro pocket had the best collection of features so buy p50 pocket by Huawei and enjoy all of its features. Both p50 pro and p50 pocket are stunning in all the aspects of color, design, processing, and most prominently camera.

In this article, we are going to discuss all the apps that you can install into this p50 pocket. And we will answer your questions about the p50 pocket so buy p50 pocket and enjoy exploring and installing apps.

Categories Of Apps Installed Without Play Stores

Most people ask that Huawei does not have google the biggest search engine in the world but how did it become the 2nd most famous brand for smartphones? Here is the answer you can install all the apps without the help of google or the google play store. It had its own app gallery and petal search through which you can install the apps. Some important apps include:

  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp
  • Messenger
  • Google meet
  • U tube
  • Viu
  • Gmail
  • Gspace
  • grab

Traveling Without Google Map

You have to buy a p50 pocket and it does not have Google Maps? No worries because it had its own app gallery through which you can install lots of tracking and searching devices like Google Maps. These traveling devices include:

  • Grab
  • TomTom
  • Waze
  • Here WEGO

Food And Grocery Apps

App gallery and petal search allow you to reach millions of apps like the play store. You can also have the food and grocery app in your p50 pocket and p50 pro.  The app that you can install for food and home items includes:

  • Grab 
  • Easi
  • Tealive
  • ZUS coffee
  • Food panda

Shopping apps

Like Google and other bigger search engines, you can have the opportunity to enjoy full reassuring shopping and online work. If you want to shop online and want to install different shopping apps use the app gallery in your Huawei p50 pocket and install the following apps:

  • Shopee
  • Lazada
  • Shein
  • Shopback

Gaming Apps

Most people ask about the gaming apps for Huawei p50pocket. You can install the different apps for gaming in the p50 pocket. Aloof these apps can be installed by Huawei personal search engine app. The shopping apps include:

  • Mobile legends
  • Free fire
  • Loads mobile
  • My talking tom
  • gardenscapes 
  • PUBG  
  • Coin master 

Google Apps

If you are still obsessed with goggles and want to install the google apps. You just have to install the Gspace app from the app gallery and then install all the google apps like:

  • Google sheet
  • Google meet
  • Google classroom


In this article, we discuss all the important apps that can be installed into your p50 pro. If you buy p50 pocket don’t need to worry about the apps. You can have all the apps that are used by other brands without google. Yes, you can survive without google like the Huawei company.


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