Everything can be enhanced nowadays because we have the technology to do it like what we did with older movies. You can now see them in HD and enjoy the beautiful picture some programs are able to make. But, it isn’t that simple to do and it takes a lot of time and money. When it comes to your own videos, you could use a simple program to make your videos look much better.

These programs can be considered as editing software but they are specifically made for enhancing videos which is a separate category. The combination between editing tips and these programs will give you the best result for what you need.

Choosing the Right Program

The program that will work the best for you will depend on what type of videos you will be making. Some of them can be a bit expensive but that usually depends on how many options they have and who made the software. Something that most of them have included in the program is effects and animations, filters, cropping, rotating, flipping, brightness adjustments, de-nosing, improved stability, better lighting, and upscaled resolution.

You should check if the software has all of these mentioned before buying it but either one of these factors can be different. Some will have additional features so make sure you read the review first. There are plenty of websites that will do the review for you and provide feedback that is very valuable for the consumer.

When you are choosing your first video enhancer, start with what most people are using because they usually have everything you will need for the beginning. You will adapt very quickly because they are not as complex as video editing programs like Adobe Premiere or Pinnacle Studio.

Where to Start?

Before you choose which program to buy, you should know a few tips and tricks that will be useful once you start editing. The first and most important is to know how to handle colors and color grading. Because you are changing the quality, it means that you are doing something in post-production which is much different from the setting you are applying before recording.

A great thing is that you don’t need a $10 000 camera to make something high-quality because you can edit it to perfection. The best way to learn is to find a few courses on Coursera or any other platform like YouTube where designers share their color correction skills.

No matter how good of a filmmaker you are, you can’t know everything, so the next tip is to have as many plugins as you can. This is a very important factor to consider when choosing the software because some will have fewer options when they are cheaper. Also, some plugins will cost money but will help you finish the job quicker.

Another important thing is to convert those gigabytes into megabytes and keep the quality the same. There are a lot of websites that will do it for you but there’s a huge chance that the resolution will drop so it’s better to do it with a good program. Do a bit of research so you can know what file type will work for any streaming platform if you plan to publish your work.

Every Editing Software Can Enhance Video Quality

It’s true that most of them can do the same work but the small differences can be noticed by someone experienced. When you are looking for a new program, start by figuring out your budget, or choose a free option. But, consider that free software will have poor performance compared to others and it won’t have all the options you need.

Besides having the ability to enhance the quality, it’s important to know how hard it is to do. Remember to see how difficult the program is to use and how long it takes an individual to learn. For example, Adobe Premiere is considered one of the best but in order to become a professional, you will need a couple of years working in it.

If you decide to use the program only for improving your video quality, think about what you will do in the future and if you have plans for recording and becoming a creator yourself. If that is the case, you should start learning more complex programs that have other options and special effects that will be useful.

Owning your own business that helps creators improve their work is one of the reasons why people choose to use this software. When you have a lot of work on your hand, it may be difficult to processes everything on time and you might need some support. It’s possible to have plugins made for your needs but you will need to contact their customer support and check what they can offer. This depends on the program but the more flexible they are the better.

Examples of Video Enhancers

Another thing to consider when searching for the program is what operating system it supports. For example, Filmora can be used on both Windows and Mac and it will cost you around $60 per year or pay once $90 to have it forever. It has all the necessary options like saturation controls, tint, contrast, brightness, stabilization, and resolution improvement.

On the other hand, PowerDirector is made for Android specifically and it has more than 100 million downloads which make it the most popular app for video editing. Besides being able to improve the image quality, you can add voiceovers and many effects. You can also use it to edit photos meaning that you can create perfect YouTube thumbnails for your channel.

iOS has its own version of PowerDirector called Pinnacle Studio Pro which costs $13 but has some cool features. They are in the industry for a very long time so they know what the users need and they have great customer support. It works best for people that are creating for YouTube or Facebook.


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