People have been using neon signs since the 1900s. This lighting is best for decoration and advertisement purposes. Also, premade and custom neon signs are made from glass tubes containing electrodes and neon gas. You can also find LED neon signs to use in any space.

Many people use modern neon signs for their homes and event decoration. But, the use of neon signs has been happening for businesses for a long time. You can also create an open custom neon sign from a neon sign shop. Keep reading to know every detail for open custom LED neon sign:

About Custom LED Open Neon Sign

You can design an open LED custom neon sign for your business location. These LED lights are better than the traditional glass neon signs. You can tell customers that your shop or other business location is open with these LED neon lights. Many businesses have been using the custom LED sign for a long time for a luminous glow.

This lighting with pre-drilled holes will help your business to attract more customers. Also, it has a stunning design and shining lights. You can also control the lighting of this custom LED neon flex sign with remote control.

Creating A Custom Neon Open Sign Online

You can create a custom open neon light sign from an online neon shop. They accept orders for the custom sign from different countries globally. They have skilled employees who create these eco-friendly LED lights with their hands. Another best thing is that customers can use their customization tool to design an open neon tube sign. You can also choose any color, font, and size for your custom sign through this design tool. Customers can also make other changes in their order by talking with a creative team of an online shop.

After your custom neon save sign is ready, you can add it to your cart and checkout. After that, you can make payment for your custom open sign. Online neon shops also provide free giveaways and special offers to their customers. So, the online shopping of custom open neon signs is better than the offline one.

Uses Of Custom Open Signs

You can design a custom open sign in different ways. Many businesses like restaurants, clubs, bakeries, bars, and cafes create a custom neon sign of their company logo or name. You can also mention your shop timing on the custom neon open sign.

These custom open signs will also look good on the office walls. Custom LED neon signs are also best for gyms, tattoo shops, beauty and hair salons, garages, flower shops, and more.

Qualities Of Custom LED Open Signs

Below, you can check the best qualities of the custom LED open signs in the business locations:

  1. Custom LED signs are energy efficient as they use less electricity to light up a business location. They are also not harmful to the environment due to their low energy consumption. You can also reduce your carbon footprint with the custom LED sign.
  2. You can use a customized LED open sign with a power plug without any tension as it is safe. This lighting does not contain breakable glass and toxic gases like the traditional signs. Also, the custom LED open signs do not create any noise or heat while brightening any space.
  3. Custom LED signs are also simple to install in a business location. This lighting has pre-drilled holes on its acrylic backing, and it helps in the easy wall mounting. It is also lightweight, and people can place them anywhere in their business location without any worry.
  4. The best use of a custom LED open sign is for advertisement. You can attract many customers after using a custom LED sign in your business location. This lighting also provides excellent visibility at night time to the customers.
  5. Custom LED signs also have a long lifespan than other lightings. You can use them in your space without upkeep. Customers can use a LED custom sign in their business location for seven years. Make sure to use this lighting with care in your business place.

Price And Shipping Of Custom Open Signs

Customers can create custom open signs from online neon stores at affordable prices. This lighting is also affordable as you do not have to worry about the extra electricity expenses. The cost of a custom open sign depends on its size, design, and letters.

Custom neon signs also ship the custom LED open signs to different countries like the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. Also, online neon stores use secure packaging to deliver their custom neon signs to customers’ doorstep. You can ask for a return as well if you face any issue with your neon custom product.


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