Every computer needs memory to operate. This memory is provided by the motherboard and can be increased by adding more RAM (random access memory). In this blog post, we are going to answer a question that many people have asked: which dimms used in servers match this question? First, let’s talk about what dimms are. A dimm is a single memory module that can be inserted into a computer’s motherboard. The more RAM, the better because it facilitates multitasking and increases how quickly data flows in an out of your system to provide quicker response times for all programs running on the machine. One thing you need to know right off the bat about server-grade memory or server-class DIMMs (dual inline memory modules) is they are designed with reliability in mind. That means these high-performance chips will work reliably during power fluctuations, even if there’s no clean shutdown when removing one from service. They also won’t lose data if there’s a sudden loss of input voltage while they’re being used, which might happen during brownouts


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