I hear and say the word “ding” all the time. I would estimate that I use it about five times a day, whether it’s to describe something as awesome or to let someone know their food is done on the stove. But did you know that this seemingly harmless word has an interesting history? Let me share with you 11 facts about ding! The word “ding” is thought to come from the old English verb dingen, which means “to strike.” The earliest use of the word was in a nursery rhyme: Ding Dong Bell. It’s been used since for all sorts of things like doorbells and alarm bells. There are also many idioms with ding such as “a bolt from the blue” or “the bell that rang at midnight”. So while you might be inclined to think that this word doesn’t have much meaning because it’s so commonplace, there actually is some pretty interesting stuff behind its origin! Let me know what your thoughts are on this short ode to ding by leaving a comment below. Content End Here


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