Tidbits of Liberty is a blog that talks about the history and current events in Liberty Lake. It also provides information on how to get around, where you can shop for your favorite brands, what restaurants are worth visiting and more. Keywords: liberty lake, tidbits of liberty Bloggers: Liberty Lake residents, visitors and those who love the community. Social Media Button Text (if you have one): Follow us on Facebook! LibertyLakeTidbitsOfLiberty Twitter Handle (@LL_Tweets) : @libertylaketidbitsoflibs End of Task : Write the next paragraphs of your long-form content. We’re always looking for new contributors! Contact us at libertylaketidbitsofliberty@gmail.com with any inquiries or suggestions and we’ll be happy to hear from you. For more information about Liberty Lake, read our blog posts below: * “Happy Birthday” – A Celebration Of Liberty’s Past And Present (June 25) * The Day It Rained Again In October (October 31)


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