Where are the dinosaurs? In Dinosaur Dan’s Adventures! Join our favorite dino pal, Dinosaur Dan, as he travels to different destinations where you can meet his prehistoric friends. We’ll take a trip to Africa, trek through North America and visit Australia too! This is the first sentence of content. In this blog post, we’re going to take a brief tour around different destinations where you can find dinosaurs! We’ll be exploring Africa, North America and Australia in three short articles. I’m happy to report that all these places are still very much alive with dinos today! In my next article I will focus on African animals like ostriches, rhinoceroses and monkeys; while for number two I’ll head north into Canada’s territory and explore their charismatic critters such as polar bears, caribou and lynx; finally finishing off with some Aussie adventures including kangaroos (and many other weird creatures!) at our final stop. So


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