Dinosaurs will die. This is a fact that has been scientifically proven to be true. But what happens when dinosaurs go extinct? What does the world look like without them? Is it possible for there to be any more life in this world without these mighty creatures roaming the earth? It’s not hard to imagine that some of our most popular music would take on a different tone if they were written with the knowledge that dinosaurs are going extinct and never coming back again. We can’t know exactly how they would sound, but we can take an educated guess based on where Western culture is today and what kind of musical trends have emerged over time! The Dinosaur Rap is a game-changing rap song with powerful lyrics that imagine an Earth without dinosaurs. It’s about what life would be like on this planet if we never had the opportunity to view these magnificent beasts in person and marvel at their existence before they’re gone forever. Here are some of my favorite lines from The Dinosaur Rap: “Turtles all up in your backyard, kids tryin’ to catch them all/No more Jurassic Park marathon parties because it don’t exist.” “I got 99 problems but climate change ain’t one, went extinct when I was born!” “If you ever find yourself on top of a mountain looking down/You can thank me for carving out its foundation even though


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