It’s tough to be a dog. You have to deal with being walked, groomed, and given baths on the regular. And when it comes time for your walkies? Well that just means you’re about to get all wet again! Yay! But don’t despair – we’ve got a solution for you: the dippity do dog diaper! This revolutionary new product will keep your pup clean and dry while they go “potty” outside every single time. It’s like a normal dog diaper, but it also has an absorbent pad that can be wiped down and thrown in the washing machine. No more getting wet or dirty! Especially throughout the winter months when you’re out walking your pup year-round. The dippity do is perfect for keeping them dry even if they go #number two outside! The best part: this new product comes with 50 diapers (just enough to last through bath season) at a competitive price point of $39.99 USD – less than half of what other companies charge without any added features! Plus, we offer free shipping on orders over $50 USD so there are no hidden costs whatsoever. Can’t get much better than that! If you


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