Ants are amazing creatures. They can get by with very little oxygen, and some ants have even been found living in caves without any air at all! That’s right – they don’t need lungs to survive. So how do they get air? Well, ants have a special organ called the tracheal system. This is made up of tubes that carry tiny pockets (or airsacs) full of oxygen throughout their body. The gas in these airsacs comes from outside airflow and is taken into the ant’s lungs through spiracles which are small holes located on its abdomen – sometimes there can be as many as 300! The gases move through this little network to supply energy-producing respiration for cells near each pocket or sac; without them, an individual would only last about 12 minutes before suffocating due to lack of oxygen. Pretty impressive huh? Let us know what you think! For more information: Ants Have Lungs


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