“Memories,” “Don’t Forget,” and “A Better Place” are the three songs on the new album from Infinite. The Korean boy band has been around since 1997, but their newest release is a return to form that fans have been eagerly awaiting for some time now. The title track “Memory” is a catchy R&B song that’s been dominating the charts for weeks now. The video shows all of this year’s members, including the new member Hoya who joined last year to fill in after Sung-gyu left due to military service. Number three on our list of tracks off Infinite’s latest album would have to be “Don’t Forget,” which features rapper and producer Primary. This hip hop style number isn’t like anything you’ve seen from these guys before, but it definitely keeps them true their roots while also expanding into some new territory as well! Finally we come down towards the end at No. two with another slow ballad called “A Better Place.” It has a nice romantic feel to it that’s perfect for their older fans. Article Title: Infinite Releases New Album, “Memory,” Tracks Three and Four on Top of Charts Description: K-pop band’s latest songs doing well in Korea. Produced by Hoya, L (Lee Sungyeol), who is serving his mandatory military service; Sungkyu rejoined the group when he finished. In 2012 they released their sixth album ‘Infinitize’. Their seventh album “Infinite Only” was released in 2014 along with two new members Myungsoo and Dongwoo as a special project unit called INFINITE H to promote before Woohyun’ s enlistment. The eighth full length Korean studio album entitled “Top Seed” has been released after one year. The album was produced by Sweetune, and member Woohyun participated in writing lyrics for the title track “Bad”. Article Content: “Memory,” the newest song from K-pop band Infinite, has been doing very well on Korean music charts. The title track is a catchy R&B number that’s taken over the top spots for weeks now. Fans of these guys have been waiting a long time for this new release and it definitely didn’t disappoint! Number three in our list of tracks off their latest album would have to be another slow ballad called “Don’t Forget.” It features rapper and producer Primary who adds some hip hop flare into their sound which gives them some diversity while also staying true to what fans love about them as well. Finally we come down towards the end at No. two with another slow ballad called “A Better Place.”


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