Bitters are one of the most popular cocktail ingredients. But how long do bitters last before they start to go bad? The answer is that it depends on what type you have! Types of Bitters: bitters can be divided into different categories. Angostura is a type of ‘aromatic’ bitter, which you use in cocktails to add flavor and aromatics rather than just bitterness. You often see these used as an addition to spirits like whiskey or vodka when making classic cocktail recipes such as the Manhattan or Old Fashioned. They are also used by bartenders in many other drinks because they have great flavors that blend well with others ingredients – this makes them perfect for adding depth to mixed drinks without overcomplicating them! Bitters come in two forms – bottles full of liquid extracts, and small vials containing concentrated oils called “drops” (or dashes). The most common form of bitters is the liquid extract in a bottle. The shelf life of bitters differs depending on which kind you have and how they are stored. If kept out of direct sunlight, unopened bottles can be expected to last around five years or more while opened ones will usually keep for one year at most before their flavors start to fade. As always when buying ingredients from your local store it’s best to check that there is no damage or broken seals (a sign that somebody may have tried them!) so if you suspect anything unusual then pass on this product – nobody wants old tasting booze! Drops tend not too vary much between brands but as with any other foodstuff should ideally be used within 12 months after opening otherwise their flavor diminishes over time. Conclusion: biters can be used to add depth and flavor to cocktails but it’s best to use them within a year of opening otherwise their flavors start fade over time! If stored correctly, unopened bottles will last longer than opened ones while drops should ideally be used within 12 months of being open. Bitters come in two forms – liquid extracts or ‘drops’ which contain concentrated oils – both are equally as good for making drinks however the shelf life varies between brands so check that there is no damage before buying and make sure you use these types up within one year after opening! This article has been written by Joe Smith from our blog – he loves writing about anything related to drinking alcohol responsibly (such as driving


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