How many times have you been playing Minecraft and encountered a blaze, only to wonder if water would work as an effective weapon against them? In this blog post, we will explore the truth about whether or not water can kill blazes. Blazes are, just as the name suggests, a type of blaze that spawns from spawners in nether fortresses. They have 60 health points and will shoot fireballs at you while you are within 16 blocks of them. The first thing we must establish when it comes to killing blazes is whether or not they drop rods when killed by water. The answer here seems pretty straightforward: yes! Blazes clearly do indeed drop one rod each upon death if done so by drowning . So far everything has been working out fairly nicely for us – after all who doesn’t love an easier time collecting materials? But.. there’s always a but isn’t there? Although this would seem to be good enough evidence confirming that water can kill blazes, one should be cautious about jumping to conclusions. One such reason for this is that blazes have been known to drop multiple rods on occasion as well – which would seem at odds with our conclusion of water being a means of killing them. So what exactly does make the difference between dropping just one rod and potentially dropping more? For those who are unaware, Blazes will only drop additional items if they happen to die while also touching lava (this can include flowing lava or even pools). This seems like it could provide us with an answer: perhaps blazes do not actually die by way of drowning but instead burn up from extended exposure to either flowing water or pooling lava . If we take into account how Fire damage works in Minecraft then this could very well be the case. It turns out that blazes, just like other mobs in Minecraft, take additional damage if you happen to hit them while they are on fire . So perhaps water simply does not produce a high enough intensity of either flowing or pooling lava for it to cause this additional burning effect – leading us back to our original conclusion: water can kill blazes but only by drowning them and NOT through any sort of contact with flowing/pooling lava. This might end up being an inconvenient truth; however at least we now know! For those who were curious about what exactly happens when blaze rods are created then feel free to check out my previous blog post here where I cover all things related to creating these items within Minecraft


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