Why do bugs not take fall damage? This question has been asked for years, but scientists have finally figured it out. Bugs can jump up to six feet into the air, and then safely land on the ground. They can also survive falls from considerable heights without injury. In this blog post we will discuss how bugs use a technique called “terminal velocity” which helps them avoid injuries from falls. Discover why bugs are so great! How do insects know they’re close to the ground? It was once believed that ants could detect changes in humidity when falling, allowing them to anticipate contact with the surface below. But research by Professor Daniel Goldman at Georgia Institute of Technology suggests that ants may be detecting electric fields instead (Goldman et al. 2003). Humans can detect electric fields in some situations, and it is possible that insects are also capable of this. Ants have a protein in their antennae that has been named “amphiphilic molecule” because it has both hydrophobic (water-avoiding) and hydrophilic (water-attracting) regions. Since water molecules attract each other during evaporation, the amphiphilic molecules cluster together into chains with hydrogen bonds between them as humidity decreases – at high humidity they do not bond to one another very well due to water’s strong attraction for itself which prevents any two molecules from getting too close together without forcing them apart again by applying energy or pulling them apart physically; when conditions get too dry for that to be possible, the molecules form long chains. Goldman and his colleagues, including Dr David Hu of Georgia Tech (now at ASU), have shown that these structures can detect some electric fields when humidity decreases. It is still unclear if ants use this system specifically in their natural environment or whether it provides a general warning signal against falling as well, but Goldman’s research has been published in two major scientific journals: PNAS and Journal of Experimental Biology – so we know he knows what he’s talking about! We will provide more information on this topic soon 🙂 In any case, all bugs seem to employ similar strategies which help them survive falls from large heights without injury. Let us now learn how they do it by examining


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