The burning life of a candle depends on the type and quality. Generally, all candles will start to lose their scent after six months or so. They also go through a color change during this time. The best way to test how long your candle has been burning for is by looking at the bottom of it where you should see some wick deposits – these can help gauge how old it is. If there are no deposits then the candle may be new, but if they seem dark that means that your candle has already been burning for quite some time! Candles that are made from soy will last longer than those that aren’t. This is because they don’t get as hot and tend to have a lower burning point. If you find this interesting, why not read our blog post on scented candles? It’ll teach you everything there is to know about them! Expiration dates for fragrances can be hard to determine but if it smells like nothing or has lost its scent completely then it’s probably time to throw away your candle – unless of course you want one without a scent at all! You should also keep an eye out for the wick becoming too short before dropping down into the wax as this means that your candle is no long properly fed with oxygen which makes it not burn as well. Most candles will have a label that tells you how long they should last which is normally between 20 and 30 hours depending on the size of it. Keep an eye out for this label so you know when to replace them! To get rid of your old candle, why not consider recycling? It’s great for the environment and can save you some effort at home too! Candles are one of those things that many people take completely for granted – but if used incorrectly or aren’t cared for in the right way then they could become unusable very quickly! Knowing what makes a good candle isn’t something everyone knows either- we’d recommend reading our blog post about it called ‘how to make whipped wax’.


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