When it comes to candy, many people are hesitant to eat anything that has an expiration date. You may have heard that certain types of candy canes expire after the holidays and now you’re wondering if this is true. To answer your question, yes it is true! Candy canes do expire, but not too quickly. It’s important to know how long they last so you don’t accidentally eat one past its prime time! Candy canes, like most confections, have a shelf life of about three years. However, there are many factors that determine the exact amount of time you may keep them around your home or office. With this information in mind, it’s best to consume candy canes within one year after purchase for optimal freshness and taste! If they’ve been stored properly – at room temperature with no humidity or extreme temperatures – then their expiration date is likely not an issue for you until October 2020 when Christmas decorations go back into storage. The biggest factor affecting how long you’ll be able to use these treats will depend on where they’re kept before being opened by consumers: store location matters! For example if your bag was placed on a shelf in an area where there is high heat and humidity, then it will not last as long as if it was on a storeroom with little to no temperature changes. Candy canes are one of the most famous types of holiday candy because they’re so easy for kids to decorate at home! Once you have them out this December – or anytime during winter holidays really – don’t let their power fade by leaving them around your house too long! Unless you plan on eating crumbled pieces that taste like paper, be sure these treats go down quickly after opening up package; freshness is key when dealing with any type of confectionary treat. Candy canes should always smell sweet and minty – anything else means they’re stale and should be thrown away. Candy canes are good forever! They don’t expire in your pantry until October 2020 or three years after they were made, whichever comes first. If you want to ensure that these treats last as long as possible, make sure they’re stored properly with no extreme temperature changes or humidity before opening them up for consumption; otherwise their expiration date is likely not an issue if opened within one year of purchase. It’s also important to remember where the candy cane was sitting at any given time near its production date because some areas will have higher temperatures than others – this affects how quickly it expires once opened by consumers so pay attention! For example a bag placed on top of shelves containing heaters usually won


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