The best way to store capers is in a jar with salt. Put the capers into the jar and then add some water, vinegar, or wine (whatever you choose). You can also use olive oil instead of water if you like. The key is not to fill up your entire jar with liquid; otherwise it will overflow when you go to close it. Fill the rest of the space in your container with salt so that there are no air pockets left inside. Capers can also be stored in the freezer. Freeze them and then place them into a bag or container immediately after removing them from their original jar. Seal your containers completely so that no air gets inside, this will help to keep capers fresh longer. You may need to thaw out frozen spices before using it if you do choose to store it in your freezer for an extended period of time (more than one month). When storing dried herbs like caper powder, always use an air-tight container with a lid on top. If possible, avoid exposing your powdered ingredients directly under sunlight as well because they could lose some of their flavor over time due to light exposure when not sealed properly. Lastly, make sure that all storage containers are kept in a cool and dry place. Capers should last at least one year, but you may need to check on them from time to time just to be sure they have not gone bad or lost any of their flavor over the course of storage. If you want your capers to stay fresh for several years then it is recommended that you store them with either salt or oil so that there will be no air left inside once closed up tight. This method can keep spices like this preserved for two-three years which is great if you plan on keeping these ingredients around long term! Do Capers Go Bad? Yes And Here Is How You Can Store Them To Keep It That Way For Long As Possible! B


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