Yes, catfish do bite in the rain! In fact, they can bite on a rainy day better than any other time of year. That is because when it rains, the water pushes down into the bottom of rivers and lakes. This creates an environment perfect for catfishing. When you get your line wet from rain water, put on some gloves to keep them from slipping out of your hands and tie a live bait onto the hook before dropping it back into the water. Catfish love live bait so use something like a minnow or worm that likes to swim around in shallow parts of rivers and lakes. You should catch your catfish in the rain within an hour. Do not write: do catfish bite in the rain, yes they can! In fact, when it rains, water pushes down into rivers and lakes creating a perfect environment for them to eat live baits like minnows or worms that love shallow waters. You’ll find yourself catching one within an hour on rainy days so be sure to have gloves ready and keep slipping lines from your hands by putting on some before tying them onto hooks with bait back into the water. Catfish are attracted to these types of live baits since you want something that likes swimming around in shallow parts of rivers and lakes which is where most will be found during storms anyway. Be sure not to write catfish bite in the rain as this is a common mistake. This will be confusing for readers, you’ll want to write “do” instead of writing out those two words and keep your individual sentences short with one key idea per sentence so that they are easier to read and understand what you’re trying to say within each point. You don’t want them thinking it’s raining when really there isn’t any water falling from the sky or anything! Make sure not to use bullet points because these can take away from your focus on getting across an informative blog post which should always remain clear throughout without distraction. Do not write: do *catfish bite* in the rain, yes *they can*. In fact, when it rains, water


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