Every cat owner has their own set of tips and tricks for living with a feline, but there are some universal truths that every pet lover needs to know. Cats need plenty of love and attention, they can’t be left alone all day or they may become destructive or depressed, and yes: cats do burp! Here we will discuss 10 things about cats that every cat owner should know. Cats need companionship and affection. Cats are social animals, and they can’t be left alone all day without being given some sort of attention so that their minds stay occupied throughout the day. This means you should make sure to bring your cat out with you when possible or have somebody come over a couple times a week to give them love and cuddle time. If not, expect an otherwise happy kitty to become depressed—which may lead to destructive behavior like scratching furniture or carpets in order for cats feel as though they’re getting any form of stimulation at all! Cats act on instinct, which is why food has such power over them.. Do cats burp? Yes! Believe it or not, but yes: cats do burp. While they are built to be non-smokers, it’s still important that you take care while around your feline friend: an unsupervised cat near a lit candle or cigarette is sure to cause trouble! While there isn’t much evidence on the matter of whether or not drinking milk causes acne in humans, many people swear by this belief.. Cats can also suffer from acid reflux—just like dogs and some humans. If caught early enough, both conditions can be treated with simple medication so as to avoid further complications later on. As for any other medical concerns you may have about your cat (like geriatric hypothyroidism), make sure that you keep up regular checkups at all times. Cats are playful animals, and love to get into small spaces.. Finally: cats need plenty of exercise! Remember that while your cat is typically sedentary for the majority of the day (especially if left alone), they still have energy like any other animal out there—which means you should make sure to provide them with enough toys and scratching areas so as to avoid getting underfoot when running around or playing later on. While some cats may prefer chewing plants over their regular food dish, it’s important not to give in so as to prevent stomach aches from indigestion. Also remember that most kitties enjoy chasing after bugs outside—even poisonous ones such as bees can be caught by a curious feline who


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