This post is about the knees of cats and men, do cats have knees? This question has been debated by many cat lovers for years. The answer to this age old question may surprise you! Cats do actually have knees. But as we all know, cats are not like humans and their anatomy is very different from ours in many ways. Unlike human legs that go straight down to a foot at the bottom, cat’s legs bend back because they walk on their toes rather than flat feet which would be useless for them due to the way they hunt prey. Cats also only have one bone in each of their lower leg compared with two bones per leg that we have which makes our kneecaps stick out more prominently when viewed from behind or below (when looking at someone’s rear end). All species of felines including tigers and jaguars share this common trait whether big or small! This means even your domestic house cat has a knee cap too. Cats do have knees. But with their legs bent back, it is not easy to see them unless you look really closely! Human beings therefore often get confused and think cats are “digitigrade” which means they walk on the tips of their toes like dogs rather than on flat feet as we humans do most of the time. The fact that many people are unaware that cats actually have kneecaps has helped cat owners in one way at least when trying to convince non-cat lovers out there who lack understanding of feline physiology, or zoology for that matter, just how wrong it would be if all animals walked only on two legs without using any help from our four limbs which enable us to stand up and move around. Cats do have knees, but they are not like ours in many ways including the fact that their legs bend back when walking on all fours. If you ever see a cat from behind or below while it is sitting down or lying down, then you will be able to spot its knee caps which sit just above where its paws meet the ground (or floor). Cats also only have one bone per lower leg whereas human beings usually have two bones making our kneecaps stick out more prominently when viewed from behind or below by others! All species of felines share this common trait with each other whether big cats such as tigers and jaguars or small domestic house cats. Most people however who watch animals


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