If you have ever wondered what animals bite, this blog post is for you! This article will help you identify which animals are potentially dangerous to your household and how to avoid the bites. We will also explore whether chameleons bite humans or not, in order to answer an often-asked question. What Animals Bite? The animals that are most likely to bite you include: The dog, the cat and the human. In fact, between 20-30 million people in the U.S. get bitten by domestic dogs every year! Dogs usually feel threatened when they feel cornered or may be protecting their food from another animal (or person). Cats also can behave defensively if not socialized correctly as a kitten with humans an other animals; this is why so many bites occur on faces and hands of children who play roughly with them. As for us humans, we often unintentionally take advantage of our sharp teeth which makes biting down too hard into something like fruit possible especially without proper chewing first! And while it seems weird that your own species can bite you, it happens more often than not. It is estimated that in the USA alone nearly 800 dog bites happen every year from those close to us! If a wild animal bites you and breaks skin, if possible try to capture some of their saliva on gauze or cloth; this will help prove which type of animal they were so doctors know how best to treat your wound (if at all). If an insect bit you don’t worry too much about capturing its DNA because many times these insects are just passing through and aren’t harmful – unless perhaps they are venomous like bees, wasps or hornets. Do not try catching them yourself but instead call local authorities who can safely deal with dangerous bugs. Chameleon Bites: Are They Dangerous? The short answer is yes, chameleons do bite humans and it can be painful! It was once thought that they were unable to open their mouths past a certain point but research proves otherwise. In fact, despite being small critters they have very strong jaw muscles which are able to break through skin with ease. If you caught the animal in your hands for whatever reason (to relocate them say) then this could potentially result in some severe injuries from bites as well as scratches or dust like particles left behind on the skin or eyes if these animals struggle while held captive.If however you see one crawling along the floor of your home just leave it alone and give it space


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