If you’re a cigar smoker, then it’s important to know the signs that your favorite cigars have gone bad. Whether your favorite brand is from Cuba or Nicaragua, there are some telltale signs that will help you identify when they’ve been sitting in humidor for too long. If you see any of these signs on a cigar, don’t smoke it! It’s important to protect yourself against tobacco beetles and other pests who want nothing more than to destroy your most prized possession: cigars! – If you notice that the wrapper is peeling off, then it’s likely past its prime. The oils inside of the cigar make it susceptible to damage from humidity and time. This means that even if your cigars are kept in perfect conditions with no heat or light, they will still go bad after a certain amount of time has passed. To ensure freshness for as long as possible, don’t remove them from their wrappers until right before smoking! – Another sign that your cigars have gone bad is when there’s any chance of mold growing on them. Excessive moisture can cause this problem due to faulty humidors or improper storage practices; typically these issues occur because the person storing them doesn’t keep track of how much water is in the humidifier or they don’t clean it out after a certain period of time. If you notice this, then your cigars are too moist and need to be dried out before smoking them! – Cigars can also become stale from excessive exposure to light. This is why many cigar aficionados prefer storing their best smokes inside of cabinets that have dark glass doors rather than underneath lights on open countertops. Excessive heat will cause the oils used for flavoring and preserving these cigars to evaporate; over time, this makes them lose both flavor and effect until they’re no longer enjoyable at all! Tags: do cigars go bad, how long do good cigars last, when should i away my old cigars? , how long can cigars last? , how to tell when cigars are spoiled, signs of bad cigar quality.


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