Corgis are adorable, but they do shed quite a bit. If you’re looking to own one of these cute dogs, then there are some things that you need to know about their shedding habits. We’ll go over the basics in this blog post so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not your home is ready for a new furry friend! Do Corgis Shed a Lot: What You Need to Know Corgi Pembroke Welsh corgis are small herding dogs that originate from Wales. They were bred as working farm dogs and can be traced back over one thousand years ago! There are two types of these pint sized pups – the Cardigan is slightly larger than the Pembroke, but they both share similar traits. Both breeds have short legs, big ears, and thick fur coats. The most popular breed in the U.S., however, seems to be their smaller counterpart with the cute name (Pembrokes). Once you’ve decided which type you’d like to bring home, there’s still more information on whether or not your home is ready for a new furry friend. Corgis were bred to herd, so they naturally have strong herding instincts that can be quite challenging to handle at times! It’s important you know how to work with your Corgi from the start; otherwise, it could cause problems in your relationship later down the road. Therefore, if you’re not familiar or knowledgeable about corgis and their breed characteristics then we recommend doing some research before bringing one of these bundles of joy into your life (they are definitely worth owning). The American Kennel Club has an excellent resource on Pembroke Welsh Corgis as well as other breeds . There should also be plenty of veterinarians around who will provide basic information about what type of care a Pembroke Welsh Corgi requires (they do not recommend that you bathe your corgi very frequently). Corgis have thick, furry coats which can cause them to shed quite often. As with most dogs, their shedding patterns are heavily influenced by their environment and dietary intake. If there is an increase in the temperature or humidity where they live then this will also affect how much they shed throughout the year. Typically speaking though, it’s safe to assume that these little pups like having lots of fur so don’t be surprised when your new pet blows his coat two times per year! It may seem as if he sheds all over your furniture; however, you’ll notice after some time goes by that only certain


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