This crossword puzzle was a fun one to have a go at. The clue was “to think about an idea in three to five minutes” and I had a really long list of things to think about, and I had to make sure I didn’t get all of them wrong.

Yes, that was my fault (pun intended). I had forgotten to make any of the answers an “X”. I also think the clues were a little confusing. I usually use a crossword maker for these so I could have a go at the first one, but I was just getting them out fast and I just had to do them by hand. If I had to make them by hand I would have gotten a completely different answer.

My bad. I can never seem to catch up with the latest crosswords. I’ll be honest, I can never remember the answers, but I always seem to get them wrong. I think that’s because I’m always trying to get everything in the first row and just fail to do that. I also think the problem is that I don’t always read everything on the crossword correctly. I often just get it wrong because I’m not paying attention.

The problem with crosswords is that you always get the same answer no matter what. This is because, like most of the other things I’ve written about, I’m just trying to put the correct answers in front of you. But I’ll admit I’ve just been having trouble getting it in the right spots.

In a nutshell, the crossword grid is meant to be a quick and easy way to help you find the right answer. In the last few years, there have been a few crosswords where the answer was nowhere to be found, but a quick glance at the first few letters of the answer would give you the clue. In this case, it was “DAT”, which as you might recall is a slang term for the “death” of a person.

DAT is the answer, and that’s actually a very easy one. In fact, there is a very easy way to solve this one too. Just look at the letters. They are: A, T, E, A.

The problem is that there are about 3,560 of them. The crossword is hard enough without trying to figure out all 3,560 answers. But since this is the one that came out of the first round, we’ll be taking a moment to look at it.

The answer is “A”, which is in fact an easy one too, but I should probably tell you that the answer is also the number 3,561.

The fact is that there is a formula for how many letters to use. If you have about 3,560 letters, you need about 14.5. The next number, T, is the number of times you’re going to take the A. So, you want to use that number to find the next number, and you want to know that number to be four, so you need to use four letters to get there.

So basically, you use one A and there are four letters to get to the next. Which is the formula for the number of A’s used to get all of the letters.


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