The latest news: pgx out of business. Apparently there’s no more money in comics. I never knew that comics were a thing, but that’s all it is. Comic writers make money off of their work, and the publishers are happy to take a cut of that.

It makes sense, there is a world of readers who don’t pay to read comics. And the way the comics work is that there is a story that is the same as any other. The only difference is that the story takes place over a longer period of time, and it has an epic, and sometimes violent, feel to it.

Theres a lot of talk about how the comics market is out of money. This is a common problem in the gaming sector, but its something that the comics industry is also facing.

While this may not be a problem for everyone, many people will pay to read comics for the opportunity to play with the same characters over multiple issues, or to have a taste of the larger world for themselves. In the gaming world, people like the longer term and immersive experience of playing a game with others, rather than having to make friends with other players online.

This problem is the biggest challenge facing all of the comics industry at the moment. With the rise of online gaming, the comics market is no longer a one-to-one affair: the number of comics readers is exploding, and these readers are no longer coming into the store to buy individual issues, they’re now coming in to buy a whole collection.

This new digital world is a problem for the comics industry in the long run. When you’re just selling single issues, you’re not only limiting your audience, you’re limiting your market too. By focusing your product on only a small subset of people, you lose your chance to create new readers in the process.

So, like I said in my blog post about PGX, this is bad for the comic book industry, bad for the industry as a whole, and bad for the independent bookstores who are making their lives miserable by selling comics that they don’t have the money to buy. But this isn’t just a problem for comics either. Everyone is suffering because of it.

The problem is that the Internet was created to allow people to write to each other. Now everyone thinks that they can write to anyone, anywhere, and that the only limit to this is the bandwidth the author can afford. Because of this, writers are writing to a massive market of their own creation. At the same time, as more writers are being told they can only write to a limited market, they are writing to a market that has no one to write to.

As we see it, the internet is becoming the internet of the writers only. They’ve created a community of their own, and now the only people who want to read their work are those who can afford to buy it. It’s really a sad state of affairs. We should be encouraging, not discouraging, writers to write to a wider audience.

This is not really news, but I had never heard of pgx before. Not many people who aren’t on facebook do. My mom actually went on there and was shocked to see the amount of posts, not just one or two, but a whole lot. I feel bad for the staff and their families, who are probably getting a lot of flack.

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