Platform technology is that tech that enables your business to be accessible to all your customers. No matter how large your business is, you can still be an easy-to-use, low-cost way for your customers to connect with you. Platform technology can be a very affordable way for your customers to feel connected to your business.

I mean, I’ve had a friend who’s a huge platform and software fan, and he has a massive website that he updates every week. If he wanted to, he could buy an ad on his website and have it appear on other people’s websites all over the world. He could then sell his own branded software on his website and make a nice living.

Platform technology is the way that the customer’s computer makes the connection with the business. So you can connect your website to the internet with a cell phone, or you can use a computer to connect with your customers. Just like with email, if your website can’t be email-stuffed with the information that your visitors need, you’re missing an opportunity to communicate with your customers.

Platform technology actually doesn’t have a name. Its an umbrella term for a group of computer-based technologies that enable various business processes to be carried out by a single individual, without the need for an IT department or software installation. Platform technology is mostly used for ecommerce, but if you want to sell a service, platform technology is a great way to do it.

Platform technology is the technology that allows you to sell your services online, without the need for an IT department for the actual process.

Platform technology is the part of the operating system that allows the system to be run by any user. So if you are a coder for a company, you don’t need to be logged into a system and using a specialized software, like a word processor or spreadsheet or word-processing program, to make sure that your services are running smoothly. It is this same technology that also allows you to sell software to the public.

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