Quanta Technology LLC has been a leader in the smart home technology space for the last few years. We are here to help you understand the products, services and solutions you need to be successful with your smart home.

Our mission statement is quite straightforward and we’re willing to share more about what we’ve been up to. We are the makers and owners of Quanta, QuantaHome, QuantaKit, QuantaSmart, and QuantaRemote.

Quanta, QuantaHome, and QuantaKit are all home automation products designed to provide full control over your home’s built-in features and allow you to monitor and control your home’s security, energy efficiency and automation. QuantaSmart and QuantaRemote are smart home control software developed specifically for smart home devices.

Quanta is the company that made the first digital camera that can record 24 hours of continuous video. It’s one of the few companies that can claim that their product was able to keep video forever. Now, the folks at Quanta are about to get their hands on an innovative new system that will allow them to make it possible for you to get a continuous stream of video and listen to music without having to plug your old-fashioned analog camcorder into your television.

Quanta is already making some noise in the home video space. They’ve been getting a lot of press lately for their new “smart” cameras that can track your room’s temperature, adjust your thermostat for you, and even turn your television on and off with just a touch. Now if Quanta’s concept can be turned into a product with a built-in camcorder, it could be a huge hit.


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