The thing about oil and grease is that it is used a lot in both households across the country and in businesses as well, that have machine moving parts. Clearly once they have been used, they may no longer be efficient and so you have to find a way to dispose of them. The unfortunate thing is that many businesses do not dispose of their waste oil properly and so this affects the environment in a very negative way. It endangers all kinds of aquatic animals including plants and it contaminates the soil that it runs into and the water table beneath that. Waste oil is incredibly slow to degrade and so it can stick to everything from birds to animals.

It is important to remember that oil also contains heavy metals and toxic chemicals, so it is essential that you use one of the very efficient oil water separators. It is also important to remember that this oil once separated can be refined and recycled again and again and so you can use it for any other purposes. The following are just some of the many benefits of reusing and recycling oil waste.

  • Reduces damage to the environment – If you recycle oil by first using an oil water separator then you can help to reduce the risk of the same oil harming the environment and contaminating the water around you. You can also use it as a means for business funding as you can sell it to third parties. Many people use this same recycled oil to change into biodiesel which produces a smaller carbon footprint than having to produce the exact same oil again.
  • A reliable source of renewable energy – It is true to say that oil doesn’t expire and so it is incredibly cost-effective to use recycled oil as fuel to perhaps reduce the heating and energy bills that your business runs up every single month. By separating the oil from the water and then recycling it, it requires less energy than having to process raw materials which results in cost benefit.
  • Reduced drainage and cleanup costs – If you didn’t have an oil water separator in place then there would be a lot more cleaning to be done and you would be repairing your drainage on a regular basis. By leading oil into your drainage and sewer system, you are creating large costs when you need to repair and clean up later.
  • Job creation – By using an oil water separator, you are creating reusable oil that can be sold on to a third party and so you are creating jobs while also doing your bit for your company and for the environment at large.

It is important that you know and understand the process of proper oil disposal because it begins with the storing of the waste oil properly and that it is put into the right kind of container. The best idea would be to keep the containers that the oil and grease came in originally and to use them. Make sure that the container is tightly closed so that the oil doesn’t end up leaking into the environment again.

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