Students want flashy and highly advanced cars. They want to announce style and be the coolest of them all. However, their budget does not rhyme with these expectations. They have to find a middle ground that will mirror these expectations. Luckily, the car market has provided all the options imaginable. 

The choice of a college car is extremely personal. Some will go for the brand while others are guided by prestige. Either way, having a car makes movement convenient. You can easily drive to your next vacation destination or get to work easily without missing your classes. has expert writers to handle your assignments so that you do not worry about deadlines or class performance while you enjoy a ride in your car. 

Acquiring a car while in college is a huge decision. It will affect your finances, safety on the road, and overall vehicle ownership experience. It is, therefore, important to make the right vehicle buying decision in college. What do you consider? 

  • Price- can you afford the car you desire? Where will you get the money? You may spare a part of your loan to purchase a car. Allowance from parents and guardians may also supplement your car budget. You may also get a job to finance the car. While buying a car is a major milestone, it must not affect your financial stability while in college. Poor liquidity will affect the ability to buy study materials like books or gadgets. Once you buy the car, you must still afford the amenities you need to complete your course. 
  • Maintenance- vehicles come with maintenance costs. You will visit the garage once in a while or need to replace a few items. How much will it cost and how often do you need to foot this bill? A new car is easier to maintain. However, it is expensive initially. Vehicles also require the best quality repair and replacement parts to avoid a constant breakdown that may endanger your life. 
  • Fuel consumption- every trip you make will cost money in form of fuel. Choose a vehicle that allows you to travel without feeling the strain at the gas pump. Fuel consumption will depend on engine capacity. The most convenient engine capacities for students are below 2000CC. If the vehicle is too expensive, you might have to reduce your number of trips. 
  • Personal preference- what do you want in a car? Is it the color or model? Do you need a saloon or truck? How many doors do you want? Is a sports car your idea? Such preferences will guide you to pick one car over the other. 
  • Usage- what do you intend to do with the car? Are you a local traveler or will you be crossing states often? Are you looking for a vehicle to hit the rough roads for hikes? Do you need a vehicle for work or deliveries? Consider such needs when buying your car. 

No college car is better than another. The decision depends on what fits the needs of individual students. Here are the most popular college student cars to consider. 

Toyota Corolla 2021

Toyota Corolla is the most common car among college students. Is affordable yet offers some of the most admirable features. It has some of the lowest cost-to-own figures in the motor vehicle industry. It also offers impressive highway safety figures despite the hype and energy associated with college students. It has a reputation for admirable reliability. 

The new models come with such standard features as remote key entry, automatic climate control, and a rear-seat center armrest. It has also incorporated drive-assist features like lane change alarm and adaptive cruise control. At $20,000, you have a perfect vehicle for your adventurous college life. 

Mazda CX-30

Mazda CX 30 has a luxury tag at an ordinary price. The SUV is designed for class, exemplified by its upscale cabin. You will love the 8×8 infotainment display at the dashboard, Wi-Fi hot spot, and Apple CarPlay, among other technology features. 

You have a perfect control on the road with technology to assist in navigation. It is the perfect pick for the weekends and holidays when you need to get the body as well as the mind out of class. It remains among the safest vehicle in its class, enabling you to loosen up even when attending parties. All these and more features will set you back $21,900. 

 Hyundai Elantra

The 2021 Elantras is a redesign that has upgraded the signature Hyundai preference for college students. Despite the upgrades, it comes at an extremely affordable market entry price of $20,645. The engine is also tightened to give you an impressive 38mpg that will accommodate the shallow students’ pockets

Hyundai Elantras has an automatic emergency braking system. It also warns you when changing lanes and will support your driving while cruising on the highway. For entertainment, you have an 8×8 inch display on the dashboard. You have 2 USB ports, blue-tooth connectivity, and Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto features. It is a Top Safety Pick in 2021. 

Kia Soul

If you are looking for an impressive sub-compact SUV, you have an answer in Kia Soul. You have room for enough cargo when heading for camps and hikes. Passengers have a spacious cabin to resemble luxurious travel. 

A higher trim level will deliver a 10.25-inch display screen. It also offers the common and desirable ordinary features of sound and auto navigation. At $17,490, it is one of the most affordable in its class. It fits the description of a stylish student’s vehicle. 

Nissan Sentra 

It is best described as an upscale, stylish, and sporty saloon. It offers ‘zero-gravity’ seats to deliver comfort, especially when taking long trips. It has a decent 39mpg fuel consumption reputation. It is one of the safest in its class with 10 airbags. It has a 5-star Top Safety Pick rating at only $20,335. 

Students have numerous options when looking for cars. From colors to fuel consumption, safety, and space, there is everything a student would desire. You might want to consider technology upgrades to enhance your safety and entertainment experience. 


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