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What is Technology? 

Technology is a broad term that has many meanings and connotations. One meaning is objects or devices used in a particular field, such as computers. Other definitions include knowledge and skills in fields such as engineering, computing, design, manufacturing, accounting, transportation systems and journalism. Technology can be creative in nature or it can be an analytic process intended to provide solutions for specific problems. Technology covers science, engineering and business disciplines.

Technology must be used in a skilled and appropriate manner to ensure success. Technology is just the application of knowledge, resources and skills in order to improve a work situation or solve related problems. It can be used short term or long term. A short-term application might include Google Translate for translating words and phrases for instant communication, while a long-term application might include clean drinking water for solving water shortages and pandemics. In some fields such as science, technology also involves research into new applications.

Technology changes every day. People sometimes complain that it is not acceptable in today’s world because it changes so quickly. Digital technology has given us many conveniences such as the Internet and smartphones (cell phones).

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