Team names can be a fun and important part of the kickball experience, helping to build camaraderie and team spirit among players. Whether you’re a seasoned kickball veteran or a newcomer to the game, having a catchy and unique team name can set the tone for a successful season. To help you on your quest for the perfect name, here are 50 kickball team name ideas to kickstart your season:

Creative and Fun Kickball Team Names:

  1. Kickin’ It Old School
  2. Ball Busters
  3. Kickin’ Up Dust
  4. Kickin’ Backs and Takin’ Names
  5. Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Kick
  6. The Swift Kicks
  7. Kickball Krusaders
  8. We Got the Runs
  9. The Mighty Morphin’ Kickball Rangers
  10. Kickin’ Asphalt

Punny Kickball Team Names:

  1. The Ball Whisperers
  2. Kick Tease
  3. Balls of Fury
  4. Kickin’ Chickens
  5. Kickball to the Curb
  6. The Kicker’s Club
  7. Splittin’ N Littin’
  8. The Kicktators
  9. Kickin’ and Screamin’
  10. Ballbarians

Pop Culture-Inspired Kickball Team Names:

  1. The Kickstreet Boys
  2. Game of Throws
  3. Stranger Kicks
  4. The Kick-achu Crew
  5. Jurassic Kick
  6. Kicking Bad
  7. Kickin’ It Like It’s Hot
  8. Karate Kick
  9. Squad Goals: Kickball Edition
  10. Kickin’ 27 Club

Sporty Kickball Team Names:

  1. The Kickin’ Kangaroos
  2. The Kickball Crushers
  3. Kick, Score, Repeat
  4. The Kickball Kings/Queens
  5. No Punt Intended
  6. The Kickin’ Cubs
  7. Kickball Fever
  8. Slam Dunk Kicks
  9. Kick It and Run
  10. Kickin’ Competitors

Food-Themed Kickball Team Names:

  1. The Kickin’ Chickpeas
  2. SnaKicks and Jumps
  3. Kickin’ Cucumbers
  4. The Jalapeno Hotties
  5. The Sizzlin’ Nachos
  6. Kickball Kebabs
  7. The Guac Squad
  8. The Pineapple Express Kickers
  9. Sweet and Kickin’
  10. The Home Run Hashbrowns

Whether you choose a creative, punny, pop culture-inspired, sporty, or food-themed name, the most important thing is to have fun and build team spirit with your kickball teammates. So, pick a name that represents your team’s personality and get ready to kickstart your season with style!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Kickball Team Names:

Q: Can our kickball team name be offensive or inappropriate?
A: While kickball team names are meant to be fun and creative, it’s essential to avoid names that are offensive, derogatory, or inappropriate. Choose a name that is in good taste and reflects sportsmanship.

Q: How can we decide on a kickball team name that everyone likes?
A: Consider having a team brainstorming session where everyone can suggest ideas for the team name. Take a vote and choose the name that resonates with the majority of the team members.

Q: Should our kickball team name be related to kickball specifically?
A: Not necessarily! Kickball team names can be inspired by a wide range of themes, including puns, pop culture references, sports, or food. Choose a name that your team finds amusing and memorable.

Q: Can we change our kickball team name during the season?
A: Yes, you can change your kickball team name if your team decides to do so. Just make sure to inform the league organizers and update any relevant information to avoid confusion.

Q: Do kickball team names have any impact on the game?
A: While team names don’t directly impact the game itself, they can add an element of fun and camaraderie to the kickball experience. A catchy team name can boost team morale and create a sense of unity among players.


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